Detailed overview: AKG-K81 powerful headphones ReviewWe all want to have a music experience like no other, and this is solely why the popularity of high bass headphones has increased drastically over the past few years. Even the most ordinary people want powerful headphones that perform like a pro! There are so many things a person looks for in a headphone; design, functionality, performance, and cost as well! Keeping all of this in mind, the AKG-K81 headphones is a great to deal you can strike. It performs like a maestro, the features make it worthy enough, and the overall cost of these headphones is not sky-rocketing too! All in all, this powerful top quality headphone is a preferred choice for users these days. Want to know more about this high-end product? Read ahead in this review to find out all the good and bad highlight features of this headphone.

Highlight features and design

As a top notch headphone of promising quality and design, the K81 is surely a professional choice to make for all music lovers. It is built to produce supreme sound results. The proverb that big surprises come in small packages is true for this one as it is petite in size but mega in its performance. The one thing that this headphone does not compromise on its performance as it comes with an active noise cancellation feature to shut out all interfering sounds.




  1. The built in these headphones is long-lasting owing to the high-quality materials that are used in its construction. It has a promising durability to offer.
  2. The cost is a winner in our book. You can hardly find any other headphone in the market these days that will perform as supremely in such a reasonable price range.
  3. The looks of the AKG-K81 headphone are sure to impress you at first sight. It is very stylish and very modern in its design and outlook.
  4. Another important highlight feature of this high-end headphone is its weight. You can wear it all the time without feeling any strain on your head or neck as it is feather light in its weight.
  5. The sound and overall performance of this headphone make it a preferred choice for modern day users. Not only does it perform like a professional but the basic treble and bass are very easy to regulate manually as well.


  1. So far there is only one let down feature that has come to surface for this product – discomfort. The ear cups could fit better, and it could feel softer when you wore it.

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Final Word

The AKG-K81 headphone is a top choice for users to make in the present year. It looks fantastic and works equally as amazing too. The pair of headphone is a complete combination of attractive looks and powerful performance. The price of this headphone is very reasonable as well. There are minor drawbacks that are noticeable about it too but if you choose to look at the bigger picture; it is surely a great product to invest in comparison to other similar price category headphones.