Cowin E-7 headphones reviewIf you have frequently looked up a quality headphone, you will truly understand that the struggle is real! You really have to spend a lot of time looking for a best pair of headphones and it can become very daunting at times as well. There are a few basic things that everyone looks for in a headphone for instance great design, good sound output, and promising durability. It is very hard to find everything in the same headphone and thus you will surely need to compromise of one feature or another. However, what if we told you that you really do not need to compromise on anything and can actually buy a very worthy headphone with quality sound results and amazing looks?

In this review, we talk about the latest amazing Cowin E-7 active noise-cancelling wireless over-ear headphone. This particular headset by Cowin is definitely making people very happy and has brought in some positive reviews so far. With an absolutely tremendous body and supreme functionality – this headphone is surely going to deliver in its best meaning. Read on to explore more about this product and get to know all the amazing features and characteristics that make this headphone so worthwhile.



Cowin E-7 headphones review

Product Specifications

  • It comes with an active noise cancellation feature to shut out all unwanted noise.
  • The noise cancellation button is manual and located on the exterior of the headphone. You can turn it on and off as per your will.
  • This headphone comes with inbuilt 40mm drivers that have been placed internally in the headphone.
  • The bluetooth embedded in the headphone works over varying ranges seamlessly.
  • This headphone is lightweight and comfortable.
  • It fits well into position around the ear.
  • There is an active microphone installed inside the headphone to answer calls and for interaction purpose.
  • The battery is replaceable and comes with 30 hours of battery life. The durable battery life is one of the highlight features.
  • It comes with a detachable 3.5 mm audio cable.
  • The headphone has dual external slots to support external microSD memory card and data cable attachment.

Features and Design

This headphone set by Cowin is all about the wonderful good things. From exceptional design to great performance – this headphone is designed to be the best and so it is! With an unbelievable battery life of the headphone that makes it work constantly for up to 30 hours, this handy headphone is the best thing for all music lovers! It is lightweight which makes it portable and the high quality construction makes it immensely durable and long lasting! It also has a manual noise cancellation feature which means you will not have to deal with outer disturbances any longer. This surely is one of the best and most popularly trending headphones in 2017 and it is pretty clear and easy to see why so!


The Cowin E-7 bluetooth headphones are great and comfortable and this we have been certainly talked about so far. However, now is time to solely talk about everything that is good and exceptional about these headphones! Let’s take a look at the wonderful features of these Cowin headphones.

  1. The great battery life is definitely one of the biggest highlights of this headphone. The battery that is replaceable and 100% rechargeable comes with a supreme battery life of up to 30 hours! This is certainly the best battery life you can get in the tech market. The battery life for Cowin E7 definitely gives major competition to all other competitor products.
  2. The outstanding sound output is another highlight feature that cannot be overseen. Headphones are all about great audio quality and this headphone is definitely winning hearts with promising and well-balanced sound quality.
  3. This headphone comes with an inbuilt bluetooth that works for seamless connectivity over short and long ranges.
  4. The wonderful, modern and chic body design of these headphones is definitely another major pro! The modern design attracts customers and definitely makes these headphones the best-looking ones available in the markets these days.
  5. These headphones come with an active manual control noise cancellation feature. This means that you get to turn the noise cancellation on and off as per your will. The noise cancellation feature blocks out all unwanted noises and prevents them from intermingling with your audio.Get more details about best wireless headphones here.


These headphones promise a great musical experience to its users and therefore there are not many letdowns that are reported for this product. As we told you already at the very start of the article, if you are looking for perfection you can get it with this headphone. Nonetheless, we do not want to appear to unbelievable for the readers and therefore after much scrutiny, we can surely point out one single drawback for this headphone.

  1. These headphones have a very firm and stiff outer casing. Whilst this promises durability for the product it also means that the headphones cannot be folded. This makes it difficult to carry them around places.

Final Verdict

With great design, promising sound output and flawless design – this Cowin E7 earplug headset are surely bound to make your very happy! This is the best ‘perfect’ perception of headphones that you can get your hands on this season. This particular headset by Cowin is definitely making people very happy and has brought in some positive reviews so far. From a personal user point of view, we take pride in saying that this headphone is bound to make you happy and give you the ultimate user experience that you have been looking for all this long! Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable price range which means you are buying a lot more at a very affordable budget! There is nothing better than to be able to get your hands on such an amazing product at such an unbelievable price. It actually feels like an early Christmas gift! This is surely the best you can ask for this New Year!