In this Bose soundsport review, we talk about one of the best headphones that are currently trending in the global tech markets these days! These Bose earbud style headphones are a very worthy investment to make and for all the right reasons. These headphones are very comfortable and are great to partner with while working out. There are of course a few letdowns for this product as well which we will be discussing later onwards in this review. It is not exactly affordable and does not come noise cancellation feature as well. But all in all, the features in totality definitely make this headphone worthy for investment. If you are looking for a headphone that comes with a solid and stable design and promising functionality – this headphone will win your heart.

These headphones by Bose promise longer durability with high quality material and strength. Moreover, these headphones are a clear winner if you look at them in terms of its sound output. The sound output though does not come with a noise cancellation feature but is definitely no less than the best as well. Let’s jump into this review further to elaborate the product little more!



Product Specifications

  • The sound mode for this Bose soundsport in-ear headphones is stereotype
  • It comes with a manually adjustable cable length of up to 1.7 meters
  • It is an earplug designed to fit right into the ear hole and not fiddle in place
  • The ear plug type is binaural and goes into the ear. It is designed to be a noise isolating in-ear headphone
  • This headphone is available in neon colors and comes with a matte finish body
  • This headphone is very light in weight and weighs around 17 grams
  • It comes with an inbuilt microphone for active communication as well
  • It also comes with support to host micro devices

Features and Design

The one thing that we need to start with it how extremely comfortable these headphones are! They surely offer a great design and comfort level to their users. It comes with an inbuilt microphone to facilitate easy communication between the users. These headphones are designed to be a sheer comfort to your ears. The sports inspired outlook makes this headphone visually very sporty, chic and attractive. Moreover, you also get a wide color range to choose from including neon colors and other athletic colors like green, charcoal and blaze blue! Light in weight and compact in size – this headphone is meant to be supreme in design and perfect for outdoor use. These are designed to partner well with people during outdoor runs and workout sessions! The price is a little higher than what average headphones cost but if you look at the overall product – you end up thinking that the product is definitely worth the price!


Bose is reliable brand and name in the tech world and therefore its products can definitely be trusted. This sound sport headphone is a decent addition to the Bose headphone family and has considerable good things about them that we can mention below.

  1. The first thing that is a winner with this headphone is its crystal clear sound quality. It definitely delivers in terms of good sound output.
  2. The next great thing about this headphone is the supreme comfort that it offers to its customers. If a product was to be termed ‘best’ only because of one feature – the comfort level for this headphone would definitely be a clear winner.
  3. This headphone is designed to be durable and long lasting with superlative quality. The exterior body of the headphones is sweat resistant and weather sealed for longer reliability.
  4. These headphones are designed in a very chic and modern way. The looks of these headphones are very sleek and attract the customers.
  5. These headphones are compatible with all Android and iOS devices.


Just like any other headphones by Bose, this headphone pair comes with its fair share of flaws and plus points. Whilst we just talked about the good points this headphone has to offer, it is important to now review the disappointing features as well.

  1. The first thing that you will notice right away after using these headphones once outdoors is that it is not good for noisier environments. This headphone definitely does not work for noise cancellation because it has not been designed to do so.
  2. Another very serious letdown with this product is its price. These headphones are very pricey. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these headphones are definitely among-st the most expensive products by Bose ever!
  3. Although its offer full bass you will be surprised to see that the bass is not good enough!

Final Verdict

This sound sport headphone by Bose is definitely a worthy choice of product for those are looking for in-ear headphones for moderate use. Though it promises a good sound output, there are some serious flaws that are associated with the product and cannot be overseen. This includes the extremely high price which is unlikely for just a pair of average performing headphones. You can definitely easily find less expensive audio-only models out there by other brands! However, if you chose to look at the bigger picture you will notice that these headphones are not actually bad but rather very secure and comfortable. The truth cannot be overlooked that you can easily find other models at a very reasonable price but if money is not a big deal for you then you surely will not resist from investing in these headphones. These headphones can definitely not be tagged ‘perfect’ or ‘flawless’ at the end of the day but the one thing that we can surely promise is that it is a decent headphone and will work decently for you. So it maybe not is the ‘BEST’ choice you can make but you certainly will not end up regretting your choice at the end of the day as well!