Phaiser BHS-730 reviewIf you love listening to music and having your playlist always ready is a must then you must also understand the importance of a high quality pair of headphones that promise superior sound output. The Phaiser Tecton BHS-730 is a quality headphone that is available for you to invest in. This headphone is cheap and affordable and certainly the best earbuds you can get your hands on to experience music like never before!

There is an endless list of great things that comes with a pair of superior quality headphones. The first is of course undeniably the quality of sound output. The comfort of wearing these lightweight headphones on your head and attractive design is second on the list.  These headphones have been designed to be sweat and water resistant which certainly makes it your best workout partner as well. There is a long list of other superior features as well that we will certainly talk about further ahead in this review. The one thing that we can honestly admit is that this headphone is definitely one of the best in the market and is so popular amongst the users for a reason. Affordability and promising functionality are winning points and there are many other things too that make it so worthy.Get more details about best wireless headphones here.



Phaiser BHS-730 headphones review

Product Specifications

  • This headphone comes with an inbuilt automatic noise cancellation feature.
  • HD sound output quality is promised with a superlative 8.5 mm buffer speaker
  • Manual buttons for bass and treble balance are present on the headphone
  • It comes with an inbuilt bluetooth microchip that promises connectivity; conditional to maximum proximity
  • This headphone promises secure fix into position
  • It is very strongly built and comes with high quality materials making it durable for the long run
  • The exterior of the headphones is designed to be waterproof and heatproof
  • The product is very reasonably priced

Features and Design

With a powerful 8.5 mm speaker and inbuilt 4.1 version bluetooth, this BHS 730 Phaiser headphone is definitely a perfect choice to make for users who want to experience music at its best! The promising sound output is a clear winner for all music lovers. Moreover, the high quality materials that are used for the design and construction of the headphone make the headphone very long lasting and durable. This headphone is very light in weight and designed to be compact in size as well. The little size makes it very portable and this is why these headphones are termed perfect for all fitness enthusiasts. They sit well into a secure position and work great for long running and sweaty workout sessions as well. The biggest highlight for this headphone is its supremely affordable price range which definitely makes this headphone a promising choice for all prospective users. It is surely difficult to get such a wonderful combination of features at such a low price!


This pair of Phaiser BHS 730 bluetooth earplugs is a worthy investment to make and this becomes pretty clear if you look at the possible pros that are associated with this headphone pair!

  1. The first thing that we need to mention is the stability of the headphones. It is not much fiddly and sits right into a fixed position which makes it the best wireless earbuds for running.
  2. This good wireless headphone pair comes with the most amazing and a quality sound output; all credits to its 5mm speakers! The supreme sound output makes it a wonderful choice for people who love their music loud and clear!
  3. It is very lightweight and compact in size. This makes it very portable as well and a great pick for outdoor use!
  4. It comes with an inbuilt automated noise cancellation feature which means that the user does not have to worry about the distant ambient noises disturbing them because the headphone will shut it out automatically to ensure the sound output is seamless.


Although this Tecton BHS 730 headphone promises a long list of benefits (and delivers too) it still does not mean that the disappointing features of this product can be overlooked. This review is designed to honestly guide the customers and help them make a wise buying decision. Let’s take a look at the possible flaws that are reported for this headphone.

  1. This Phaiser BHS 730 bluetooth wireless headphone is great but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the battery life of this headphone. The battery does is not long-lasting and does not last for more than 6-7 hours of constant use which is of course not enough! However, the cover for the poor battery life is the speedy recharging of the battery.
  2. This headphone is exactly not very comfortable and this is a letdown for some users too. The binge music listeners who stay hooked to their headphones through day and night will definitely not like this one because it does not feel very comfortable to wear for a long time.
  3. Though this sports headphone with MIC comes with a wireless bluetooth as well the connectivity is not as wide-ranging and strong as it should be. It only works great if connect over a very short distance and falters when connected over long distances.

Final Verdict

In this review above we saw that the Phaiser headphones are definitely a great choice to make and the advanced features of this ear plug can be credited for it completely. This Phaiser headphone BHS 730 is a wonderful choice for all music lovers and is the best choice to make to add a little pump to your vigorous and energetic workout sessions. The seamless and flawless loud sound output is definitely going to keep making you push harder! Though the battery life of BHS 730 headphone might be a little disappointing at a reasonable cost, we urge you to overlook this little drawback! After all, it recharges back as quickly as it drops so we definitely think it is very handy if you can just keep a power bank with you!