Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphone with bluetooth and wireless functions is definitely trending high these days! If you have been looking for a new headphone set and come across this on-ear headphone whilst browsing the web, the first thing that you will notice right away is the uncanny similarity of this headband with its predecessor Solo 2 wireless. However, the similarity is only physical as Beats has not spent a lot of time modifying the looks of this headband. Instead the overall performance of this headphone has been designed to be over-the-top amazing and this is what this headphone is actually all about – its supreme functionality!

With a great design (which is somewhat similar to the previous model) and promising good sound quality, these Beats headphones are definitely on top of the list for users! The news is that the quality which is lately unbeatable with Beats is for a reason this amazing – the company is being owned and run by Apple! This we all came to know when Apple announced the Beats Solo 3 release date earlier this year. So just like all other Apple products, Apple has sure played a great role in raising the standard bar for Beats drastically since the takeover. The biggest change that you will notice in all Beats headphones and not only this one is that it now comes with an internally embedded microchip to promote high bass in the sound output. This means you can now finally bid goodbye to manual sound regulation because it is automatically being internally taken care of! Lets’ discuss further about this product by reviewing its highlight features and pros/cons as well.



Product Specifications

  • This headphone does not go over the head but is rather an on-ear design.
  • For superlative sound output, this headphone comes with a powerful stereo inbuilt.
  • The inbuilt bluetooth works amazingly for seamless connectivity to multiple devices. This is because the Solo 3 uses Apple’s new W1 custom bluetooth chip.
  • It comes with a easy to remove and attach, detachable cable cord
  • The headphones do not have noise cancellation feature but are automated to do so inbuilt
  • It comes with a powerful embossed microphone for seamless conversation long distance and best for outdoors as well

Features and Design

If you think that the Beats Solo 3 fails to deliver with its old-school looks, do not forget to take a look at what is inside! This headphone by beats is the most flawless equipment you can get your hands on this year for an unbeatable music experience. With an exceptional batter life of up to 40 hours on constant use, this high tech headphone is winning hearts all over. The biggest change that you will notice in all Beats headphones and not only this one is that it now comes with an internally embedded microchip to promote high bass in the sound output. If you are a music lover and want to enjoy a music experience like no other – this ear plug pair is the perfect investment for you to make! The sound output is clearly flawless with no interruptions of imbalance in bass or treble output. The bluetooth comes with an amazing and powerful connection as well which clearly wins hearts too! All in all, this headphone is the best thing to invest in!


This beats headphones has a long list of wonderful benefits to offer to the customers. These benefits are real time and definitely make the entire user experience more worthwhile!

  1. The biggest benefit that cannot be missed out is good news for all android users because this headphone pair works with android This is certainly a revelation for all android users who might have gotten worried that like all other Apple products, this might even come with user restrictions.
  2. The bluetooth range and connectivity for this headphone works supremely well with a solid bluetooth support with an inbuilt chip by Apple. The range and strength for its connectivity is simply amazing!
  3. All accessories of this headphone are included with the pack so nothing needs to be bought separately.
  4. The one most amazing part about this headphone is its battery life which is long lasting and works for hours on end on a single time charge.


Whilst many people will believe that since these headphones are designed and boosted by Apple, it surely will have no serious flaws to point out. Unfortunately so, this is not the case for us because we have a commitment to be honest to our customers to help them make a wise buyer’s decision. Though there are not many but let’s take look at the most serious letdowns for this product.

  1. Contrary to the Beats solo 2 wireless, the Solo 3 is very pricey. The higher price is of course clearly because the design and manufacture of this headphone is backed by Apple.
  2. This headphone does not come with an over the head design which means it directly fits into the ear plug. However, it fails to work significantly well because it does not feel exactly very comfortable. It is very stiff and puts a lot of pressure on the head and is not comfortable to wear.
  3. If we look at the external strength of the headphones, it is not as hard or stiff enough as many would like it to be. This of course surprisingly disappointing because it certainly is very expensive to be physically weak.

Final Verdict for Beats Solo 3 Headphone Review

As a result of Apple’s involvement with this product, this headphone by Beats is definitely the best one on the market yet! With all iOS and android devices compatibility, amazing performance, superlative sound quality and solid structure – this headphone has it all that one looks for in a good pair of ear plugs. Of course the looks have been credited old school and boring because there are no visible modifications in its design. However, the functionality and amazing performance is definitely a clear winner!