It is common for people to look for a decent pair of over-ear headphone these days! After all, every 8 out of 10 people workout at least 4 times a week and this means they need a good pair of headsets to partner with! Music is the ultimate motivation when working out, after all! A good pair of high-end headphone is about many things. Many factors are put together to form one good headphone that works powerfully and is your best buddy for a long time! If you are looking for a headphone that is powerful, functions like a professional and is definitely good looking too; you need to get your hands on the Bohm B76 headset!

The Bohm B76 is noise canceling headphones in addition to the other million good things they have to offer to the users! This headphone was announced for release on 4 May 2016 and it has been popularly trending ever since. If you want a headphone that is powerful in its functionality and delivers quality sound results then you need to get your hands on this wireless beauty as soon as possible. The best part is yet to come – the headphone is the perfect little friend for you under the 100 dollar price bracket! You simply couldn’t ask for more. So without further ado, let’s jump into talking about this product in detail. Read on in this review to find out all the good things for this headphone – the good, bad and of course the final verdict exclusively from us that is surely going to help you make a wise buying decision!



Product Specifications

  • This headphone comes with inbuilt embossed 20mm and 40mm multiple drivers.
  • The inbuilt bluetooth is designed to work perfectly over a short range i.e. over 20 meters distance.
  • It has a powerful 320mA lith-ion battery
  • The battery is replaceable
  • It recharges very quickly within 2 hours it is full charged
  • With ANC activated it has a considerable playtime up to 8 hours
  • With the ANC non-active, the playtime is up to 18 hours on constant usage

Features and Design

Bohm had previously launched the B66 and had received good praise from the customers. Bohm is back again with the Bohm B76 and this time it includes active noise cancellation feature in its headset. This promising headphone looks great with complete matte finish look and is available in blue and black color. Both colored headphone come with a golden-brown edge finish. The sound quality for this headphone is superb and so is the battery timing which promises to work up to 18 hours on constant usage. This over the ear headphone is modern in design yet feels completely comfortable on the ears. The outer body of these headphones has been designed of only the most superior quality metallic materials which promise longer durability for the product. In addition to the solid construction, the performance of the headphone is superlative as well. The sound output is well-balanced and the bass is amazing! Moreover, the noise cancellation feature addition ensures that your music experience is not disturbed. All this is available at a very reasonable price and that is certainly the best part about it.


These powerful headphones have not been around for long but have definitely won a million hearts in this little time span! All credits for the immense popularity of this product go to the good features that are associated with this headset. Let’s take a quick look at the most prominent benefits.

  1. This headphone comes with a very solid and strong physical body.
  2. The high quality materials that are used to create this headphone are a winner as well. The supreme quality material makes it very durable and long lasting.
  3. The brilliant price is the biggest highlight feature for this headset by Bohm. The price range is exceptional for some great quality features.
  4. It comes with an active noise cancellation feature which means that you have the chance to always shut out all unwanted surrounding noise when and where needed!
  5. It promises computability with the maximum number of devices including all iOS devices and Android as well.
  6. It comes with easy attachment ports to support external attachments in form of portable speakers and cable cords.


The good thing is that the disappointing features are not as ‘disappointing’ as one would think they are and can surely be overlooked. However, it is best to mention them nonetheless for user convenience and to provide complete transparency to the users.

  1. The noise cancellation feature is present and definitely a good addition to this model of the headphone. However, the one thing that still lacks with the noise cancellation feature is complete coverage. You can still find other headphone models out there that provide better noise blockage than this headphone.
  2. The microphone is though inbuilt but it is not as loud as many people would like it to be.

Final Verdict for Bohm B76 Wireless Headphone Review

In a comparison between the Bohm B76 vs. B66, you will keenly observe that the B76 model clearly wins by miles. It delivers in terms of outlook and functionality and is very reasonably priced as well which only makes it multiple times more popular amongst the users. The Bohn wireless bluetooth headphones are designed for the people and that is exactly what they are doing so far – making the people very happy with the supreme great sound quality and overall performance. If you are looking to a buy a good headphone in the cost-friendly budget, this latest model by Bohm is definitely worthy of your time and consideration. There is a visibly vast improvement that is present in the headphone if it is compared with its previous market model. Moreover, the price range makes it a great investment to make as well. In this review we saw that this headset comes with promising features as well which means that you will definitely get a good music experience! This is definitely a recommended headphone by tech experts!