Bose soundtrue around-ear headphones II have been getting very popular in the recent year and after you take an in-depth look at this product; it becomes very clear why it is so. When buying headphones there are many things that go on inside the mind of a person but if you are a binge music listener, you will agree that this all needs to be a very soothing and comforting experience. However, in addition to comfort and convenience, there are many other things that one looks for in a pair of top quality headphones. You want it to look visibly good since everyone can see it on your ear or over the head and it needs to perform exceptionally too! The latest Bose Soundtrue 2 headphones are definitely a worthy choice to make for many different reasons.

The first thing that we need to mention before we jump into discussing further elaborate details about this product is that it definitely makes itself get noticed, particularly amongst the music lovers. These full-sized headphones have all that one looks for in a worthy headphone set – looks, durability, and performance all engulfed in one pair!  With a durable design and promising great sound quality – this headphone is definitely worth a try or maybe you can decide that for yourself after going through this product review in-depth.



Product Specifications

  • With a new design, this headphone by Bose comes with the supreme sound output.
  • A well-defined bass and smooth sound output is supported with a stereo of 3.5 mm in dimension
  • The physical construction of this headphone is to be over the head and around the ear.
  • It comes with an inbuilt microphone that facilitates the call functions as well
  • It comes with a detachable charging cable that is included in the box
  • Noise canceling feature is pre-evidently missing from the headphone set
  • It comes with wire support and cannot function otherwise

Features and Design

The Bose Soundtrue II headphone is the latest addition to the Bose family and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is definitely a wonderful addition! This headphone is supremely lightweight and looks amazingly chic; which is the first thing that attracts about the headphone right away. Though it does not come active noise cancellation still it does a good job isolating the wearer from ambient noise because it is designed to do so! All parts and elements of this Bose soundture headband have been carefully selected and put together to manufacture a headphone that delivers in every possible way! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bose has managed to win million hearts once again with a wonderful product again this year! This headphone is definitely a technological delight.


Most comfortable to wear, these full-size headphones are definitely in the news in 2017 for all the right reasons. This amazing addition to headphones family by Bose has a long list of highlight benefits to offer. Below we take a look at the top ones that are most certainly impossible to overlook at this point!

  1. The first benefit that has been repeatedly mentioned over and over in the review above is the comfort that this headphone offers to it be wearer! It certainly is the most comfortable headphone pair you can get your hands on and this we say because of the Supreme custom-fit it offers with sealed ear cups.
  2. The well-balanced sound output is the next best thing about this headphone. If you are looking for a headphone that offers a woofer sound range but well-balanced – this headphone will certainly do the job well for you!
  3. If you are worried that this headphone will only work with compatible devices; this is certainly not something you should be worrying over. This headphone is compatible with almost every device out there!
  4. It is also very lightweight and feels very easy to wear on your head for hours on end! You won’t end up feeling dizzy or flustered and it most certainly will not interrupt with your seamless music experience.


To the surprise of many people, there are not many disappointing features for this Bose headphone. The only letdown that we need to mention is the high price which is unexpectedly a little higher than what people would like to pay for this headphone. Otherwise, all is good with this one!

Final Verdict

Lightweight, very comfortable overhead earphone – this Bose soundtrue II is the best investment you can make this year for a seamless musical experience. This headphone pair gives you a solid and long-lasting music experience like never before! The best thing that strikes right away about this headphone is its supreme comfort and custom fit. However, if you look a little closer (as we did in our review above) you will notice that there are a million good things about this headphone that make it so worthy of all the time, effort and of course price you pay for it!

This headphone comes in the most wonderful combination of looks and performance. The one thing that we can assure you is that you will most certainly not find a wider headband that fits more perfectly than this one in the markets out there! We have comprised a comprehensive and detailed Bose Soundtrue around-ear headphones II review to make sure the customers get a complete insight into every last detail about this product. The sound quality is the one thing that you will not be able to get over because it is simply the best one could ask for. The price range can be a little concerning for some people as many would find it to be a little overpriced. However, all in all, we feel a little differently and as you to give it a single try MUST before you make any judgments about it. The amazing endless features definitely will make you think that this headphone pair is certainly worthy of every last penny you have to pay for it.