Plantronics Backbeat Go-2 reviewIf you are looking for a decent pair of high quality headphones – the search won’t be too difficult for you! However, the real challenge is to buy a headphone that works supremely under an affordable price budget. Let’s be honest now – headphones these days have become very pricey and this is why finding a cost-effective one has become very hard. But we assure you to not be disappointed in your search for a high quality yet reasonable headphones because you can certainly find one. The best example for such a headphone these days is the Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 in-ear headphone.

Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 earbuds is a promising headset for multiple reasons amongst which the functionality and price range are the top factors. In addition to the very reasonable price range, there are certainly many other things that make these headphones such a popular choice, for instance, the wireless body. This means that the user does not have to deal with tangled cords any longer. In addition to being wireless, what makes this a recommended headset is the improved and better sound quality than previous versions of Plantronics Backbeat headphones. Moreover, these headphones are very petite in size and fit well right inside the ear which makes them ideal for outdoor use as well. In this review, we talk about the highlights for this product; all that makes these headphones certainly worthy of buying this season!



Product Specifications

  • This headphone by Plantronics comes with a short battery life that sustains only up to 4 hours on constant usage.
  • It has an inbuilt miniature microphone for easy communication
  • These Plantronics ear plugs come with multiple 6mm drivers embedded into the headphone
  • The headphone has an inbuilt Supreme The bluetooth ear buds promises seamless connectivity with other devices including iOS and Android
  • It has two outer external supports microSD slots. One slot is to support external memory whilst another slot is for wireless data cable connection for recharging
  • It falls in a very reasonable price frame

Features and Design

You cannot believe how price friendly these headphones by Plantronics are! They are simply the best you can find in the markets at an exceptionally low cost. However, in addition to the cost, there are many other highlight features and attractive design for the headphone body that makes it such a popular choice for users. This Plantronics headphone comes with a completely sweat proof design. Thus you do not need to worry about the exterior body of the headphone damaging because it has been designed to be heat and water resistant. It is designed to be portable and handy for outdoor use, which it certainly is! The one thing that is very impressive about this headset is the inbuilt push notifications feature that is certainly new! However, the poor battery life is also there overshadowing the other good features of this headphone. Overall, it can safely be said that this is a worthy product by Plantronics for all the right reasons and a few bad ones too!

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In this Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 review, we have talked about many important things about this product but most of them have been noticeably good! This is because this product has so many wonderful features that it is hard to point out any flaws (though it has its fair share too) which we will talk about later. Right now we are mainly focused on the positives of this headphone by Plantronics.

    1. This headphone pair by Plantronics is placed amongst the smallest and lightest bluetooth headsets by the brand. The exteme featherweight and petite size definitely make it so many times more portable.
  1. This headphone has ear plugs that promise a secure fit right inside the ear. This way the ear plugs neither loosen nor fiddle whilst your workout or go for a run with your headphones on!
  2. The biggest positive trait for this headphone is definitely its price range which is so surprisingly minimal that it really is hard to believe for many people.
  3. This headphone comes with an inbuilt active push notifications system. This is, of course, a huge benefit and a unique feature as well.
  4. The outlook of the headphone is very modern and chic. It has been designed to be visually very attractive and this definitely wins amongst the users as well.
  5. This headphone promises a supreme level of comfort for the users. This is a huge benefit because a headphone needs to be comfortable fit so that you can wear it for long hours.


As much as we would have loved to say that there are no disappointing features for this headphone – we simply cannot lie to our readers! Hence, it is imperative to mention a few highlight letdowns that are associated with this headset.

  1. The battery life for this headphone is a serious letdown. This headphone does not work for any longer than 4 hours on constant usage which is seriously a shame!
  2. Another serious disappointment for this headphone is that does not come with a user manual and there are many new features to explore. So basically you might find it a little difficult to understand the features and functionality for this headphone because of the absence of guidelines.
  3. The lightweight body of the headphones is a plus point but can be a disappointment as well because this decreases the durability of the product drastically.
  4. There are no adjustments for the bass on the headphone. This means that if you see that the sound output is not up to the mark and think that the bass needs adjustment – you simply will not be able to do so! This might leave you feeling helpless!


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a headphone that is cost-friendly, these Plantronics headphones are bound to win your heart. In addition to a great price, there are some amazing features and modern design that make this headphone a great choice for users that are shopping on a tight budget!