When buying headphones for yourself, you need to invest in a high-end headphone that comes with active noise cancelling feature. This Bose 35 headphone is one of the best additions in Bose headphone models. Whilst there are several prominent models by Bose that are ruling over the markets; this Bose quietcomfort 35 is like no other model. The biggest highlight for this product is that it come noise cancellation and great sound quality. With promising performance and long-term durability – this product is definitely worthy to invest in.

These comfortable headphones are newly launched in the global tech markets this year and are making news for all the right reasons. This product is versatile and comes with multipurpose use. This light and comfortable headphone is a worthy investment to make and comes with a very reasonable price range. In this Bose quietcomfort 35 review, we talk about all the highlight features, benefits and letdowns that are associated with this product. There is a lot that needs to be talked about this product – the good, ugly and everything else that is worth knowing of for this product!



Product Specifications

  • This headphone is black in color with a matte chrome finish
  • The body material of the headphones is a combination of leather, high quality metal and plastic
  • It comes with automated audio and video AVRCP remote access
  • This headphone comes with inbuilt bluetooth A2DP with advanced profile
  • The battery of the headphone is not replaceable and comes with a 3 hours constant usage time
  • This headphone comes with a wireless bluetooth technology with the version of bluetooth is 4.1
  • This headphone comes with an activated near field communication inbuilt
  • This model of Boss headphones comes with a 1 year product warranty

Features and design

This Bose wireless earbuds review cannot progress further until we talk about the superlative features and design for this product. This headphone is definitely very promising in terms of its functionality and performance but the same cannot be said for the design. The design is very simplistic and standard. Some people go as far as calling this headphone design very boring and cliché. However, interestingly with active noise cancellation feature and inbuilt power microphones – one can easily overlook the boring design. The performance of this headphone is definitely worthy and noticeable and takes a credit for making this product the best ranking in the global tech markets these days.


There are several benefits that are associated with this product that make it such a worthy investment. The many benefits that this product promises are definitely a major factor that attracts customers to invest in this product. Let’s take a look at the prominent benefits this product has to offer to its customers.

  1. These Bose wireless bluetooth headphones come with an amazingly exceptional battery life. The battery life for this headphone is workable up to 20 hours on constant use on a single time charge.
  2. For user convenience, the manual for these headphones comes with detailed Bose quietcomfort 35 instructions. This way the users will definitely not find it daunting at all to use this product in the long run. Understanding the basic functions for this product is also very easy thanks to complete set of easy instructions to follow. m
  3. The design is though cliché but it has been designed to be extremely comfortable on the ears. It feels comfy and therefore surely delivers in terms of user convenience.
  4. The best thing about this headphone is that it comes with a superlative superior quality excellent mic for calls inbuilt in the headphones. With a superior working 3.5mm headphone jack this headphone is best for interaction and communication in addition to excellent sound output.


Unfortunately, this headphone by Bose has many serious letdowns that become very difficult to overlook for the users. Let’s take a look at the most obvious cons of this product that are important to mention here for customer awareness so that they can come to the best buyer’s decision.

  1. Although the battery life for this product is exceptionally amazing but the one serious letdown is that this headphone does not allow battery replacement. So in case the battery damages or expires, the headphone becomes completely useless.
  2. The noise cancellation feature is though the biggest attraction but it is also a letdown because it is not possible to turn off noise cancelling This makes it impossible to manage the noise cancellation and can cause disturbance in the overall sound output if there is no disturbance around.
  3. The headphone is very heavy in weight. This of course makes it less portable for use because the heavier headphone is much more difficult to carry around.
  4. The looks are a very serious disappointment for the users because they are very boring and sub-standard. This of course is disappointing because the people would expect it to be modern in looks but its is the same old looking.

Final Verdict  

Are Bose headphones good? This you might now have clear answers for till now because we have discussed everything in detail about this product so far. With a promising battery life, these headphones have everything that should make you fall in love with it! If you are a music listener and enjoy your alone time these Boss quiet headphones comes with the best listener experience for the users. The biggest highlight of this headphone is the active noise cancellation feature that it comes with which promises a seamless, uninterrupted user experience.

This is definitely a great new and good headset by Bose which promises supreme functionality and delivers quality sound output as well. If you are looking for a wireless headset that is worthy of the price you pay for it This is the new revelation in the tech world and comes with a long-term battery life as well. The battery life works for up to 20 hours on constant usage. All in all, these Bose quietcomfort 35 headphones are the best choice you can make for a seamless music experience this year.